Constipation After Surgery (Gallbladder Surgery) Know The Causes Prevention

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You are in the process of recovery from gallbladder surgery and you most commonly may find your digestive system little upsetting i.e. facing constipation after surgery, diarrhea, gas, bloating, etc.  These are most common digestive problems patient find after their surgeries.

Prior to surgery, most of the patients had a very regular elimination pattern, but after surgery, most experience extreme constipation (almost daily) and also notice the texture change of stool from healthy, soft to hard and lumpy.

A few words about gallbladder surgery:

What is the gallbladder?

The gallbladder is an organ located in the abdomen under the liver that is responsible to produce, store and transport bile or gall, as a part of the human biliary system.  Gallbladder provides bile to a body when it needed from bile ducts to the small intestines.  Bile is important in the sense as it helps to break down fats from the meal.  Sometimes a small hard crystalline mass developed from a combination of bile pigments, calcium salts and cholesterol in the gallbladder or bile ducts and it called as gallstones.  It blocks bile ducts and can cause severe pain.  At that time it was felt necessary to remove gallbladder.

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A surgery that removes the gallbladder and gallstones with the help of small incisions (cuts) in the abdomen, is called cholecystectomy or laparoscopic gallbladder surgery.  During the surgery, the surgeon has to pump carbon dioxide into the abdominal cavity so that he can see what hes doing.  After the surgery, they pump out as much of the carbon dioxide gas as they can, but if a small amount left in, it can cause severe pain.  But this issue will solve by itself after our body absorbs CO2.

One reason for gallstones is that liver not producing enough bile for intestines and the bile produced by the liver may be concentrated and too little, so problem of stones started.  After removal of gallbladder one can find constipation one of the ongoing issues.

Now soon after surgery, there is one deficiency in your digestive system, there is no bile that helps to digest food during the whole digestive process.  Bile also stimulates the digestive tract to move the stuff well and fast the process of fat digestion.  Now your meals have no longer been stimulating factor of bile in them.  Fat contains protein and protein foods usually have a constipating effect without bile.  Now during digestion your meals are not fully digesting and fatty acids are not getting part of body, which results after some time deficiency in vitamins or fatty acids in the body.

How to overcome bile deficiency to avoid constipation after surgery of gallbladder?

First now you understand that your body has bile deficiency.  To control bile deficiency you first try digestive enzymes.  Take a ride to your nearby Wal-mart and buy generic digestive supplements.  Buy those supplements that contain pepsin, HCl, lipase (a fat enzyme), and that also contains bile in them.  Plan taking several of these about 5-15 minutes before meal or consult your doctor for this.  It will prepare your stomach for digestion and have enough bile in it.


Also, you can take vitamins A, E and optional D and K.  Vitamin D can be getting from sunlight as it is a big source of vitamin D.  Vitamin K has a precaution of not to use if your blood is thin.  Take vitamin A, E, D or K once a day with above mentioned digestive supplements, to take care of your digestion by ensuring that there is enough bile present for digestion and stimulation help.

If constipation problem is still there, bile supplements are another option to take as they contain bile more per pill than digestive supplements, and see how it works.  Don’t try to take too much, because there is a risk of diarrhea associated with it.

Some people found it helpful to eat spicy foods with normal bowel movements.

Also consider liver flush quarterly as who have constipation after gallbladder removal may have a sluggish liver.  The sluggish liver may be at risk of making small stones that can block the bile ducts.  For the purpose of liver flush you have to take a lot of malic acid either through eating lots of apple or by malic acid supplements taking 1 pill three times a day, on third day drink Epsom salt .  On the last day, you drink this nasty Epsom salt mixture, then before sleep, drink 1/2 cup olive oil mixed with lemon juice.  Your problem will be solved and stones will be flushed out.

It is a must consider advice that the patient must research before considering surgical options for treating gallstones as life may be harder without a gallbladder.

Doctors don’t prepare patients for life without gallbladder and the risks associated with surgery.  As a result, most of the patients suffer the rest of their life from side effects of surgery.

Possible Remedies and Medicines To Prevent and Treat Constipation After Gallbladder Surgery:

  • Drink a plenty of water
  • Add prunes in your food or try drinking prune juice
  • Surgeons recommend high-fiber fruits such as pears and apples
  • Take a fiber supplementation such as Benefiber.  People find it more natural and has less side effects
  • Try Metamucil or Colace as needed (check doctor for dosage)
  • Take a look at your medications you are taking for pain and avoid any drug that you think causes constipation
  • MiraLax also works for some people to relief constipation
  • Some chewing gum may help with bowel function
  • Avoid foods containing broccoli, cauliflower and Brussel sprout as they cause gas
  • Very important to avoid alcohol with pain medications
  • Walking may also help with bowel movement


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