Healthy Habits to Start New Year Right and Avoid Constipation

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It’s time of the year that most people are enjoying winter vacations.  Planning is going on for New Year.  During your health planning must consider my healthy living strategy to start new year right and avoid constipation as constipation is a culprit of bad health.  It always happen, enjoyment does come with certain price, which may be in the form of health problems.  These health problems can be eliminated by adopting healthy habits, which will help you to enjoy the season and start the New Year right.  There are certain things which must be followed; especially suggestion is to make a commitment on New Year to follow these steps strictly and strongly.  These strategies will keep you healthy and away from constipation.

5-Step Killer Healthy Living Strategy to Start New Year Right

1.  Make a weekly diet plan or menu

Anything starting with a plan and determination gives better results.  So start analyzing the habits you had been practicing throughout the last year.  Figure out the problems which led you to constipation stage; either it was inadequate fibers used in meal, less fluid intake or lack of activity etc.  Rectify the problems and try to keep the menu in a written form with everything double checked in order to get better results.

2.  Eat Green leafy vegetables and fruits regularly

Vegetables have a greater amount of fibers which are needed by the body for complete digestion and easy stool pass, which means the more one uses leafy green veggies the more he/she is away from getting constipation.  This doesn’t mean that if one likes meat, chicken or fish should totally avoid this protein-containing food; one should only keep an eye on perfect fiber intake. Fruits provide an exact fibers amount if not taken via vegetables.

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3.  Fast food and digestive health

When you eat junk food, you spend your capital calories in foods that are low in nutrients and fiber and high in fat and sugar. And all the fat and little fiber can cause digestive problems. Fats tend to slow the gut, just because gut is doing hard to get the calories out of fats.

All you have to do is quit these dearest foods of yours and try to make healthy substitutes. Instead of ordering pizza, make your own with wheat crust crowned bought in the store low-fat cheese and many vegetables.  Replace fast food burger and baked potatoes with sweet potato fries and turkey or black bean burgers on a whole wheat bread.

4.  Avoid Alcohol, Caffeine and enough fluid intake 

Alcohol and Caffeine going into the body leaves the body with some adverse effects out of them “constipation” is the serious one. These agents enhance the urination and ultimately a dehydrated body.

So Alcohol and Caffeine use should be avoided or at least you should take in limited amounts. Fluid intake in the form of fresh juices and water should be highly under control and consideration.

5.  Inactivity and constipation

In vacations every single person (except the ones who are dedicated with routine exercise) out there becomes dull and don’t want to move little bit even, it’s just the trend. This Lack of exercise or activity not only causes weight gain and other health problems, but can also affect digestion. Being inactive can cause constipation.

The best hack to do is move your bowels wake up, eat a real meal, and do some low-level activity. Activity by no means is misunderstood with rigorous exercise. Moving your body and keeping it active will help you keeping a healthy status and keeping the constipation miles away.

Stay blessed and have a healthy and happy New Year from team Constipation Care!

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