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Babies are such a gift of God that brings colors in life and it’s hard to see your baby has a disease.  Aside from other diseases, constipation is a health culprit in infants.  Constipation is a painful and irritating condition not just for adults, but the little ones too.  It’s hard to see your munchkin struggling and crying from this disorder.  We are going to discuss some home remedies for constipation in infants, but first get some know how about constipation.

What youll get right here:

  • Constipation start in infants
  • Causes of constipation
  • Home remedies to ease your baby

Constipation in Infants, When It Starts:

Breast fed babies are commonly not constipated.  This is because breast milk is such a diet that made babies to poop less.  Breast fed milk is almost all absorbed by the baby.  During the early period, fully relying on breast milk baby’s stool consists of unabsorbed protein curds and a large amount of bowel secretions, chiefly mucus, and noisy gas.  But these kinds of stools are just rare stools not a serious condition as constipation.

Chart for stool variations in infants

Breast Fed Babies OccurrenceColorFrequency Soft or runnyOrange to mustard

Every feed to once per week

Formula Fed Babies OccurrenceColorFrequency Soft PasteGrayish green, yellow, tan or brownEvery 1 to 2 days
Eating Solid Food OccurrenceColorFrequency Paste to formed stoolsDepends on what is eatenLess frequent – particularly for breast-fed baby

Later, when infants start solids, each immediately or after some time may become constipated, but it is unusual.  It is not until the child consumes solid as a dominating part of the diet and especially when weaned to whole cow milk.  At that point it is really time to discuss infants and try some home remedies for infants.  Intense abdominal pain, discomfort or crying before passing stool, and not more than 2 bowel movements per week are some common signs that lead towards your baby’s constipation.

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Constipation Causes:

Some major causes are:

  • Adding solid food in baby’s diet
  • Consuming less breast milk and more dairy products
  • Milk-protein intolerance
  • Formula milk
  • Dehydration
  • Finger foods can a cause of infants constipation

Try some home remedies for constipation in infants

Of course medications can relieve constipation.  But if you have obvious baby constipation and you don’t want to use any medications, then here are some home remedies for your consideration.  Many moms have tried these remedies.  But for your child’s safety you must regard your baby’s age, diet, and severity of the condition.  If possible first consult your pediatrician for advice.  If it’s okay to use remedies then give the lost smile back to your child and try the following one by one:

Breast milk is fully digested instead of infant formulas that leave a bit more residue in the colon.  So constipation in bottle fed infants is much more common.  Modify diet of your child and try to avoid infant formulas.

Karo® corn syrup for bottle feeders with constipation works very well.  It almost always works if used properly and it is a first choice recommendation.  Start with two teaspoons in every formula bottle of any size and adjust the dose up or down according to the situation.  It can be used for a few days to first few months, depending upon how things are going.

Certain fruits and juices that contain indigestible sugar such as apple juice, prunes, apricot can be increased in the diet to relieve or prevent constipation and loosen up the stool as well.

Orange juice can help a baby with constipation.

A teaspoon of olive oil by mouth can also solve the problem.  It won’t hurt him/her, it will only make it easier to go poop.

Take 1 spoon of Isabgol (psyllium seed husks) soak in one cup of water and give it some time of about 2-3 hours.  Feed 1-2 spoon of Isabgol paste mix in all the food that you give to your lovely child.  This method is for avoiding constipation without any side effects.  It had tried on 7 months old infant and it worked perfect.

MiraLax is not a fast fix, but it can get your baby’s system working like normal.  Try a dose of 4 grams twice a day, but check with your doctor for a proper dose.  It’s great that it can be mixed with milk or juice and child takes it right down.

Gas and constipation in infants can be treated through home remedies before going to see a doctor, but it’s better to consult a doctor before conditions get worse.

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