Interesting Facts About Constipation

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Constipation is not a new thing people in the past have also experienced it and this trend continuous to the world today.  Whether male, female, children, old people all have a past record of experiencing constipation.  Male suffer from constipation fewer times than women.  On further reading you will know some interesting facts about constipation from mankind history.

Some Words on Interesting Facts About Constipation in History & Treatment Variations:


People believe from centuries that constipation is one of the major cause to other diseases.  In the past, thousands of years ago, people believed that intestinal waste poisoning the body.  However, in the early or late period of 19th century, a new research and concept came called intestinal autointoxication and for prevention, high-fiber diet promoted by Sylvester Graham and W.K. Kellogg was very popular among people.  Both also introduced another brands too like Graham Cracker and Kellogg cereal, which was a high-fiber, ready-to-eat breakfast cereal.

Many more valuable treatments were introduced in the 20th century.  Extreme therapy and surgery was also recommended for constipation between 1900 and 1920.  A physician named Sir William Lane was practiced the removal of part of the colon as a popular treatment for severe constipation.  In the 1920s and 1930s, surgery was replaced by drugs and devices. Common treatments included colonic irrigation, rectal dilators, abdominal massage machines, and electrical stimulators.  These common treatments lose their interest among other and high-fiber strategy returns.

Today, the popularity of internal cleansers favors the continued belief that constipation is bad for health, but there is yet to discover the solid evidence to favor it.

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Some USA historical facts:

It is known to be among prevalent diseases worldwide.  There is a global rate of 14% of the people being affected by constipation at all times.  There are various stages of constipation. It may be cured in the beginning and if not it may become severe.  It can be easily cured. The rate of people suffering from constipation has increased over years.  During the years, 1983 to 1987 almost 4.4-million people were constipated within United States.  There was at that time, chronic condition as well that resulted in a death of almost 27 individuals due to chronic constipation? As per studies, there is 1.4% general population above 40 years of age, among which 3-15% is affected by constipation.

A survey was conducted in 2001 regarding fecal incontinence within adults of over of age.  The results indicated that there were 10116 respondents among which 1.4% reported major-fecal incontinence.  0.7% reported this incontinence with the bowel symptoms with impacts on life quality.  There are 24% people in United Kingdom, suffering from urinary incontinence that is also caused by constipation.   25% people are suffering from 25% which shows much increase than previous decades.  During 1983-7 1 person among 61 was affected by constipation.  This as a whole resulted in 1.62% of the total USA population that made 4.4 million in total.  As per a survey in USA, there were reported 4.4 million residents of USA who are suffering from constipation at all times.  The past record of a person suffering from constipation also shows that women are likely to be more constipated than men.  Persons of older age have higher constipation rates than those with less age.  Children also have constipation but the easy cure. Above are very interesting facts discussed about constipation that appear in mankind history.

In the past and still there are pregnant women who claim to be constipated during surgery or childbirth.  Currently, there are millions of people in USA suffering from constipation and according to health centers this number is increasing day by day.  The easy way to healthy life is the healthy diet.  Things which cause constipation must be ignored or reduced in intake.  Constipation leading to death is also evident when it becomes associated with other chronic diseases like hepatitis C, so the best cure is prevention.

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