Symptoms of Constipation During Pregnancy

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Constipation in females has been observed greater than males.  There are various factors that contribute to females more affecting from constipation than men.  In case of women, chances become higher if a woman is pregnant.  It is common for pregnant females to be constipated.  Symptoms of constipation during pregnancy occur in all stages of pregnancy and may differ in severity.  Almost half of the pregnant women worldwide suffer from constipation at some part of their pregnancy.  This causes due to increase in level of progesterone hormone that causes relaxation of smooth-muscles throughout body, including digestive tract.  It means that passage of food via intestines occurs slowly.  Problem is later compounded in the pregnancy due to pressure of growing uterus upon rectum.  If you are taking iron supplements during your pregnancy, this will make your constipation condition worse than ever.  The level of constipation faced by women is from mild-to-severe at any pregnancy stage.  It most commonly occurs during initial stages.

Constipation is regarded as among earliest pregnancy signs particularly when it is accompanied by dizziness, food cravings, mood swings and nausea.

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Constipation Symptoms During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and face any of the following conditions, it means that you are constipated.

  • Having less than 3 bowel movements per week
  • Feces becoming hard and difficult to be expelled
  • Feeling for feces being remained within rectum
  • Occasional bleeding of rectum caused by hard feces
  • Bloating of lower abdomen
  • Cramps or pain
  • Decreased appetite

If you experience repeated abdominal pain or rectal bleeding, you must visit your physician as these may be the indications of serious health problems like parasites or intestinal inflammation.

Causes of Constipation in Pregnant Women

There are two levels of causes that lead to constipation one during early pregnancy and other during late pregnancy stages.

Causes in the early pregnancy

  • Production of progesterone hormone increases that causes relaxation of muscles of the intestinal walls. This makes you less capable to move waste material out of your body. Taking oral iron-supplements
  • No exercise
  • Dehydration

Causes in late pregnancy

These include same cause in early pregnancy with the addition of some others including

  • Pressing of enlarged uterus on the rectum and intestine during later pregnancy stages
  • Stress
  • Pelvic pain during pregnancy
  • Tailbone pain during pregnancy

Women, who are prone to the constipation, get constipated more likely during their pregnancy than other women. There are no constipation tests, if you are having symptoms of constipation during pregnancy, you will know it yourself.  Constipation during pregnancy is a common thing.  As per Pregnancy association of USA, majority of women get constipation at any stage of their pregnancy.  Constipation affects you and does not create any danger for your baby.  It is a kind of nuisance for you.  Sometimes it becomes severe leading to serious medical-problems like hemorrhoids, rectal fissures and rectal bleeding.  So it is better to have it treated before it becomes severe and creates problems for your own health.  If you are not well you will never be assured about health of your baby, so the best thing during pregnancy is to treat constipation as it occurs.

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