Two Great Simple Natural Home Remedies for Bowel Arrested

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An excellent home remedy for constipated person is the flaxseed and papaya juice, as well as natural yogurt with plum because these ingredients have large amounts of fiber that help loosen the bowels, eliminated the accumulated feces.

However the best strategy to regulate the intestines is to eat fiber at every meal, and drink enough water to soften the stool, facilitating their exit naturally.

Two Great Easy to Make Home Remedies for Bowel Arrested:

  • Papaya juice to loosen the bowels
  • Yogurt with black plum

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Papaya juice with linseed to release the gut:

A great home remedy for constipation is the papaya juice with linseed, as these foods are rich in fiber and therefore help to combat constipated or constipation, that besides being harmful to health, leaves the stomach more swollen.


1/2 papaya seeded

1 cup water or 1 small pot of natural yogurt

1 tablespoon (soup) and full of linseed

Honey or sugar to taste

Method of preparation:

Blend the papaya and water (or yogurt), then add flaxseed and sweeten to taste.

Note:  This home remedy can be used even by infants and young children with constipated. However, in these cases it is recommended not sweeten it.


Yogurt with plum to release the gut:

The home remedy for bowel stuck with black plum is very good to help fight constipation because the black plum has laxative and purgative properties, which help loosen the bowels.


1 plain yogurt

3 dried prunes

Method of preparation

Method of preparation:

Poke plums, mix with plain yogurt and eat for breakfast or snacks in daily.

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