What to know about constipation?

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Constipation is not a new word for anyone you must have experienced it at some point in your life.  People dont even understand the importance of what to know about constipation? or what things they really need to know about constipation?  Mostly people avoid talking about it as it is considered too personal topic not suitable to be discussed with others.  According to a survey, a percentage of women and men suffering from constipation has been reported as 66% and 51%.  It is a discomfort and is curable.  But for this you must be aware if you are having this problem.  It is not a very different thing if someone suffers from constipation.  Don’t feel embarrassment in discussing this problem so that you can get assist yourself in relieving constipation.  Being constipated results in many problems the most prominent of which is discomfort that makes you feel difficult in everyday life.

After you open-up about the discomfort which may include feelings of gassiness, belatedness, don’t wonder if you are having constipation.

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What things are important to know about constipation?

Knowing about constipation is important because anyone may suffer from its.  People face constipation rarely or regularly depending upon the movements of bowls.  If bowels do not move regularly, it means that you are suffering from constipation.  Regular movements of bowels are different for different persons.  On average these are 3 or 4 movements a week.  These can also be up to 10 movements.  Habits of bowels movements differ and thus these are not only the reason to judge if you have constipation.  Certain symptoms are described by various persons to be the regular constipation indicators.  Check out these to know if you have any symptom of being constipated.


  • Hard & dry stools: Hard stools are small sized and difficult in being eliminated, these are often accompanied by a bout-of constipation
  • Strains experienced when making a bowel to move: elimination here is not difficult. Person feels urge for going to washroom but happens nothing
  • Uncomfortably full feelings: this feeling continuous even if you have not eaten anything or are not overeaten
  • Your bowels are moving but are incomplete movements: this indicates incomplete elimination of bowels with the body signaling being experiencing constipation
  • Painful bowel movements are also an indicator of constipation
  • Bloating, gassy feeling or abdominal-discomfort without any relief

If any of these symptoms match your condition, you are having this problem.  The best thing is to consult some doctor.  Even your constipation continues for hours of 1 to 2 days and then finished, it`s okay, but if it goes on for several days, this is something really serious.
There are many remedies available for constipation.  But before trying any remedy you have to know about constipation you are suffering from.  Home remedies are best to treat constipation.  Fiber in the daily diet helps preventing constipation.  Fiber can be added via fruits & vegetables.  Apart from these fiber supplements also assist in constipation removal.  When utilizing fiber, water should be consumed in larger quantity.  Lubricant laxatives are another option that contains mineral oil like plain oil, an emulsion of oil etc.

You must increase the bowel movements because increased bowel movements provide relief against constipation.  I thinks after all this discussion you better understand the importance of What to know about constipation?

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